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The rest disappeared behind a veil of complete privacy, becoming fugitives of powerful leaders of church and state. I show how the order is tied in with the Egyptian Atonists and how via the Culdean monks of Ireland they gained access to the troves of wisdom confiscated from the Druids and Bards of the prehistoric West. We see from this that normal religious divisions mean little and that the Illuminati's apparent anti-royalist stance was a complete fraud. General Erich Ludendorff (Destruction of Freemasonry) Not only does the fraternity (Freemasonry) owe its existence to Templarism, the fraternity seems to loudly proclaim it in a number of ways. Individual knights could not own personal property of any value. The system of Freemasonry to which Hund was introduced - a further extension of the Scottish Rite - was subsequently called Strict Observance. Ask questions such as: How can a small country like England, since the 16 th century, successfully get its predatory talons into so many other far off lands, conquering, colonizing and "ruling the waves?" How did a predatory exploitative organization like the Vatican (which. It is not a Christian symbol. Indeed the Templars and Jesuits indulged in banking and tax-collecting before the Jews. They can be countered and even destroyed once we are in possession of the facts about the true nature of evil. So they were well and truly aware of what was in store for them and their nefarious order. The fleur-de-lis on the crown and bottom of the garter represents Mary and the Sisterhood of which she was once the head. Their peculiar appearance, long hair, bizarre traditions and suggestive symbolism leads us to the door of the more sinister order operating behind them, ensconced in Britain a thousand years before the rise of the Templars. The patron saint of the Knights Hospitaller was the Lady Philermos.

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But all the money in Champagne could not have financed the exploits of the Templars on the field of battle alone. The symbolism leaves us in little doubt on the matter. Her pilgrimage escortegirl marseille quebec to the East is most interesting, given that the site for the new Christian Church was actually built over a temple dedicated to Venus. In my opinion, what goes for Masonry also goes for the Jesuits, the College of Cardinals in Rome, and the many other "Catholic" chivalric orders also infiltrated and controlled by descendants of the Templars and their agents. They maintain dominion until the return of the banished heretic king and pope Akhenaton. One of their most important ancestors, William de Gellone, was known as "Hook Nose." This Jewish branch is undoubtedly the Gaonim-Atonist connection I mention. The scimitar alludes to the rite of symbolic (or on occasion physical) castration. As I said, perhaps we are deliberately being told what is going on by the elites themselves. Pope Clement's pontifical letter In eminenti was drawn up in an effort to prevent Catholics from joining Masonic groups. Prince William's brother Karl was both an elite Mason and an Illuminist. According to the "Prieuré documents" every grand master, on assuming his position, has adopted the name Jean (John) - or, since there were four women, Jeanne (Joan). On a symbolic level we've been told loudly enough that Queen Helena was the true founder of Christianity. In other words they are Templar-Luciferian-Masons directed by the Templar factions of the Vatican, such as the Knights of Malta, a super-wealthy order directly descended from the Templars and Hospitallers of old. Additionally, the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay was executed on Friday. Hugh de Payens (Pagan) led the order after de Bouillon died. The word grail comes from gradus, meaning "by degrees "stages" or "steps." This alludes to the grades of a Masonic-type society. Through this supreme rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown Albert Pike The split between the Templars and their parent, escortegirl marseille quebec the Order of Sion, certainly occurred in the twelfth century.

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The reason for these celestial motifs is also explained in the program.) These Atonist-Judites must not necessarily be confused with those referred to as Jews. This alludes to the fact that all monarchs and sovereigns are merely stewards or placeholders. In our modern age we are extremely backward in subjects of this kind. Many went to England and Scotland where papal injunctions against them were slow to take effect. Hollywood movies occasionally provide us with keyhole visions into what's going on behind the scenes; although not enough for laymen and symbolically illiterate people to decipher and understand. We must not accept official reports and accounts of the origin and nature of such orders and cabals. Norman Dodd (Reese Commission Research Director) The Jewish Illuminists not only included members of the infamous Rothschild family - agents of the Templar-Luciferians - but also Moses Mendelssohn, one of the five original members of the Illuminati. These families, even the Protestant branches, are also blood-related to high-ranking Jews of the Middle East. The Templar-Illuminists merely adopted an anti-royalist stance because it was an expedient ruse. The single eye is also a prime goddess symbol.